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Key Features:

  1. Luxurious blend of faux suede and Mongolian fur
  2. Intricate embroidery for timeless elegance
  3. Versatile design for various occasions
  4. Tailored fit with hooks, tie belt, and pockets
  5. Embrace vintage charm with unique wear marks
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PennyLane Coat : A Journey Through Time and Elegance 

Imagine strolling through the iconic PennyLane, the very essence of the 60s brought to life in a coat. Our Penny Lane Coat pays homage to that era’s free-spirited fashion, combining faux fur extravagance with a captivating silhouette. This coat stands as a genuine work of art, carefully handcrafted to preserve the vintage charm that’s only accentuated by the beautifully embroidered design.

Elevate your style with our exquisite Vintage Afghan Coats collection, a testament to timeless fashion that merges elegance with charm. Among these treasures, you’ll find the alluring Penny Lane Coat – a fusion of vintage allure and modern sophistication. Crafted meticulously with suede and adorned with luxurious Mongolian fur, this coat radiates warmth and style, making it a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Unveiling the Features of PennyLane coat:

  • Exquisite Embroidery: Each coat in our collection is adorned with intricate embroidery, a testament to the attention to detail and artistic craftsmanship that defines these pieces.
  • Versatile Style: The Penny Lane Coat effortlessly transcends occasions, from casual outings to elegant affairs. Dress it up or down; its timeless appeal is perfect for layering during colder months.
  • Practical Design: Equipped with convenient hooks for fastening and a tie belt, this coat offers a tailored fit that complements various body types. The inclusion of pockets adds a functional touch without compromising style.
  • Luxurious Material: Made from a blend of faux suede, faux Mongolian fur, and other high-quality materials, this coat embodies the essence of luxury without harming animals.

Journey into Vintage Beauty OF Pennylane Coat:

Each Vintage Afghan Coat is a portal to the past, a cherished relic from before 2000 that has aged gracefully. These coats hold stories of their own, reflected in the small marks that lend them a unique character. While signs of wear might be present, they only add to the charm of these exclusive pieces.

Fit and Measurement:

Our Penny Lane Coat is designed to fit sizes Small, ensuring a flattering look for a wide range of individuals. For reference, the model in the photo stands at size Medium and is 164cm in height. The measurements are as follows:

  • Shoulder to Shoulder: 44cm
  • Pit to Pit: 48cmpennylane Coat
  • Top to Bottom: 130cm
  • Shoulder to Wrist: 61cm
  • EU Size: S

Buying Guide: 5 Considerations for Your Perfect Vintage Afghan Coat

When selecting the ideal Afghan Coat, consider these key factors to make a choice that aligns perfectly with your style and needs:

1. Style Statement: Determine the statement you want to make. The Pennylane Coat radiates vintage charm, while its versatile design ensures it remains a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

2. Material Matters: Our coats blend luxurious faux suede, faux Mongolian fur, and other high-quality materials. Consider the material that resonates with your values and comfort.

3. Perfect Fit: The tailored fit of the Penny Lane Coat ensures a flattering silhouette. Be sure to check the measurements to find your ideal size.

4. Embroidery Elegance: The intricate embroidery sets our coats apart. If you’re a fan of artistic detailing, our Vintage Afghan Coats are bound to captivate your heart.

5. Vintage Stories: Embrace the unique character of vintage pieces. The small marks tell stories of the coat’s journey through time, adding authenticity to your fashion choice.


In Conclusion:

Discover the allure of the past with our Vintage Afghan Coats collection, crowned by the enchanting Penny Lane Coat. With its captivating design, luxurious materials, and versatility, this coat stands as a testament to timeless fashion. Embrace the journey of elegance, sophistication, and warmth – embrace the Pennylane Coat.

Additional information

Dimensions55 × 45 × 80 cm

Our coats blend luxurious faux suede, faux Mongolian fur, and other high-quality materials. Consider the material that resonates with your values and comfort.



Care Instruction

Machine wash at 30°


L, M, S, XL, XXL

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